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Where did kombucha come from?  The first kombucha legend dates back to 200 BC, in China. Emperor Quin Shui Huang was on a quest for immortality ( I mean...aren't we all). Legend tells that the Emperor was so enamored with the powers of kombucha that he ordered it to be consumed throughout his kingdom by all its citizens. It became known as “The Tea of Immortality” and the “Immortal Health Elixir”. ​


As the centuries passed, kombucha spread beyond the borders of China, carried along the Silk Road for sale and trade by merchants and travelers. It became a staple amongst households in Japan and Korea, where it was known as the "tea mushroom," or the "golden tea", eventually making its way through Eastern Europe and Asia.

Fast foward to the 20th century , where kombucha takes Western Europe by storm before WW!! caused rations of the basic ingredients used to make kombucha such a sugar and tea. A large emergence of the fizzy probiotic drink came in the late 1990's when kombucha started to hit the United States grocery shelves along the West Coast. It has since become the fastest growing functional beverage along the beverage market spectrum. 

Kombucha Drink
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