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Story of us

Wild Magnolia Kombucha was born out of a love for foods & beverages that nourished one's body,mind,and soul. 

Founder & Lead Brewma'am, Amanda Webb, found herself in a transitional space back in 2016 as her boys were moving into high school and beyond. This led down a path of self reflection of what made her truly happy. Her happiness came from introducing nourishing foods and fermented beverages to her family and friends. Or as she heard..."you are always trying to get us to eat funky foods from your refrigerator". 

By late fall of 2016, Wild Magnolia was official and became the 1st  

commercial kombucha brewing company along Coastal Alabama. 

Since that time we have expanded to local grocers, restaurants, boutiques, and markets all along the Gulf Coast. 


Our Mission

Our passion is to offer delicious flavor profiles to our local community to help nourish their bodies,and bless their guts.


Our Vision

To create an avenue for a thriving gulf coast community in health and wellness. 

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